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CALL Lessons

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Here are few blended lessons carried out with my EFLers for two years. All made their day!  :-)


It was generally a 50-minute lesson with my own laptop, a video projector, a whiteboard and the school's Internet connection. Students took turns at the laptop in each lesson and I jotted down the names so that everyone got a chance at the computer. The other students would sit at their desks collaborating in each activity, giving hints, etc.


Geography lesson (includes a table that was filled in with the help of a World Atlas and then Quia exercises based on the content of the table)




Making animated movies

  • practice writing and reading
  • practice and reinforce vocab and grammar



Time zones (in preparation for an end-of-year-surprise, a voice chat with a "mystery guest")


Time zones 2

  • completing a table with different info about each teacher-friend
  • creating a Google map
  • writing a short text about each teacher in the corresponding placemarker


Voice chat (with a teacher-friend)

  • log in to Yahoo Messenger
  • have the chat
  • listen to the recording
  • write a short text about the teacher in a Google map 



Other lessons that may be of interest

Our school and hometown (messages sent to a colleague in Sudan and another in Argentina, and to teacher-friends; there are also photos and maps that I inserted after the lesson, because there was no time)


Brazil and Portugal interacting through blogs (Carla Arena and 5D comment on the World Cup: 5D went to Carla's blog to leave their message) + Report (with photos of the students)




After all this hard, but very exciting, motivating and rewarding work, we got the greatest reward we could have ever expected: The European Union Schoolnet international e-Learning Awards 2007 , Gold Prize in the category of "School of the future".



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