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What kind of tools can be introduced at this knowledge level and age?


  • interactive tools: allow for two-way communication between two participants or many participants (chat platforms), as well as participants and resources (interactive exercises)
  • collaborative tools: allow for one-at-a-time editing (blogs and wikis) or several-at-a-time editing (Google docs, though I didn't use it)
  • synchronous tools: live, real-time communication (chat and virtual classrooms, though I didn't use the latter)
  • asynchronous tools: not live or in-real-time communication (email, comments in blogs and wikis)
  • multimedia tools: allow for text, audio, image and video; they're the "all-in-one" (blogs, wikis, vClassrooms)
  • in short, Web 2.0 tools: they make all these features possible, because that is their essence, their function, their objective



Suggestion: It's best to have a main platform - a blog or a wiki, for example - to which we embed/add different tools and widgets that we feel are appropriate to the task at hand, tools that also allow for practice and reinforcement of the four skills (in the case of the L2)



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