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What is blended learning? It's a mix of the classic or traditional learning with (the innovation of) online learning. It's inserting or embedding online learning in the traditional classroom.


I introduced my beginner English learners to this type of learning, because I always believed in "going the extra mile" with my students. It proved to be a great strategy.



Young Learners (YLs), in my case they were 10-12 year olds in their 1st-2nd year of EFL, took on extremely well to blended learning and just couldn't have enough of it.


Why introduce blended learning to beginner EFLers?


  • motivating
  • caters to different learning styles
  • develops and enhances creativity
  • innovative
  • adds new life to learning and teaching
  • sheds a new light on things
  • fights off routine and boredom
  • sparks a (re)new(ed) enthusiasm for learning
  • generates local and/or global communication and collaboration



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